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Samantha Abela

23 years old and a history freak, I work as a full time history and art teacher whilst sharing my passion for reading and the arts by reading various books and comics monthly. Deemed as rather bossy and strongly opinionated, I’m rather friendly and easy going. My hobbies include watching tons of TV shows, films, reading, writing and chatting online. History is a major component in my life and whether its reading a historical novel or writing lesson plans, I’m always on the go. I also enjoy organizing events and that is one of the major reasons why I joined Wicked Comics in 2010. On a personal note: I love animals and even though I have a pet dog named Beauty, I deem myself more of a cat person. I like hanging out with my close buddies to relax and going out means chilling on a bench looking at the stars and talking. I like fashion even though I’m not a full blown fashionista. I also hate swimming with a passion.

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