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Mark Ellul

Born In 81, spent my childhood and most of my teens (until I discovered girls, booze and rock) watching animation on TV, this then evolved into a deep love for mature Japanese anime amongst which my favorite of all time Ghost in the Shell….This love then led me to open the first proper comic and manga shop in Malta called Madhouse Ent., which unfortunately introduced me to a few infamous folks :)Apparently I displayed a talent for drawing from a very tender age, but what I do recall is that wherever there was a blank surface, there I was doodling and scribbling on it, be it a school desk, book, wall, or someone who inadvertently fell asleep…I used mostly pencil and dry media since I was so scared of paint, or rather scared of messing up a perfectly good pencil or ink piece, god bless adobe for creating Photoshop!!!! and even more those who made it free :)Then I discovered clay during an industrial design course and I felt really comfortable with it, so comfortable in fact that I don’t do much drawing anymore, if not sketches for a sculpt or concept.I never managed to commit to starting my own comic strip, hopefully I will soon, but at present ( permitting), I colour design and letter strips for an artist with an unusually large head and his beer bellied co-writer/sidekick……You can follow the fruits of our labour

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