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The Wicked Online Cosplay Competition

Aurika Andrei as Harley Quinn

Benji Falzon as Ash Kechum

Christine Scicluna Gellel as Caesar Clown

Dawn Farrell as Raven

Diana Micallef as Poison Ivy

Elaina Vella as Batman

Giulia Orsi as Rowena Ravenclaw

Jade Aquilina as Jinx

Jason Micallef as Wolf Witcher Hagen

John Peel as Cat Witcher Viktor

Lauren Hankinson as Beidou

Marianne Galea as Fantasy Fairy

Nicholas Vella as Master Chief

Oliver Montesin as Creep

Stacy Saliba Sammut as Ling Xiaoyu

Photography courtesy of Sven Farrugia and Carl Farrugia