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The Wicked Cosplay Competition Winners

The Wicked Cosplay Competition Winners

Adjudication Board Results

  1. Jade Aquilina as Jinx with 140 points

  2. John Peel as Cat Witcher Viktor with 136 points

  3. Nicholas Vella as Master Chief with 135 points

  4. Jason Micallef as Wolf Witcher Hagen with 132 points

  5. Christine Scicluna Gellel as Caesar Clown with 129 points

  6. Aurika Andrei as Harley Quinn with 118 points

  7. Anastasiia Sadovska as Katana with 113 points

  8. Oliver Montesin as Creep with 112 points

  9. Giulia Orsi as Rowena Ravenclaw with 108 points

  10. Diana Micallef as Poison Ivy with 107 points

  11. Stacy Saliba Sammut as Ling Xiaoyu with 106 points (tie)

  12. Lauren Hankinson as Beidou with 106 points (tie)

  13. Marianne Galea as Fantasy Fairy with 95 points

  14. Benji Falzon as Ash Kechum with 93 points

  15. Dawn Farrell as Raven with 92 points

  16. Elaina Vella as Batman with 82 points

Online Competition Results

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Select your three favorite cosplayers
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The Wicked Online Cosplay Competition

Kindly note that the winners of both these competitions will be contacted by the members of Wicked Comics in the coming days to collect their prizes.