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Fabio Agius

Born on the 20th April 1975, I showed interest in comics at an extremely young age, in fact the earliest thing I remember drawing was the “Jolly Roger” and cemeteries at the age of 5. If this would happen today I would be sitting on a comfy sofa in a Psychiatrist office. Well you don’t blame me after listening to all the Greek and Norse mythology I heard from my uncle Alfred (no he’s not batman’s butler). My uncle was a comic collector too and I used to “borrow” comics from him which I still have to return. The violent Japanese anime, which at that time was not censored, didn’t help either. So they created the monster I am today (At least I don’t want to be a vampire or werewolf like most of the youths today). I wanted to become a priest when I grew up but reading comics and looking at the wonderful art made my decision difficult because I wanted to draw comics too. Hitting puberty helped a lot in my decision because being a priest wasn’t sounding like a good idea so I decided to be a comic artist. I drew Marvel and DC superheroes all day long, and yes He-Man too because there was a Masters of the Universe craze in the 80’s. Still since in Malta you cannot earn your living drawing comics I started working in an office but the passion of reading and collecting comics remained there. I drew small comic strips and caricatures of my workmates. Meeting Chris le Galle who is an excellent script/comic writer helped me to take the matter more seriously. We worked on a one shot comic called DARKHEARTS, coloured by Robert “Dell” Zammit which although it wasn’t published it circulated as a printed copy in Wicked Comics’ first event THE BIG BANG. Chris and me formed an artist/writer, totally heterosexual, partnership. We started working on small projects like ROCKY & REX, coloured by Stefan Agius for Manic Magazine and THE PRICK, coloured by Mark Ellul for Virus magazine. In Malta Comic Con 2010 we launched our graphic novel THE GOLDEN LIZARD featuring my story and art, with Chris as scriptwriter, Mark as colourist and the great Tim Perkins doing the cover. This graphic novel was the first of its kind for the Maltese islands and it was, and still is, a great success. In 2011 I was contacted by local writer/actor Ivan De Battista to do the art in his adventure book “Il-Qabar tal-kavallier” (translated: The Knight’s Tomb) a prequel in a 3 part book series which is very popular with local teens. In 2014 I illustrated the book “Valuri biz-Zokkor” (translated: Sugar coated Values) by Charles Magro, a children’s book filled with anecdotes and legends. .My plans for the future are simple, live till the age of 112, become a millionaire and keep drawing/collecting comics till I die.

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