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The Flash, Vol. 12: Death and the Speed Force TPB review by Raphael Borg

The Flash, Vol. 12: Death and the Speed Force TPB

by Joshua Williamson

This is an odd one; it is not uncommon that the overinflux of crossover events get in the way of stories planned by their respective writers, but it is, sadly, part of the price paid when writing for a cohesive universe. Which unfortunately means your story may be affected qualitatively.

You may have noticed I had skipped the 12th volume of the Flash by Joshua Williamson. This is in fact the reason why; there is clearly intent for two separate but continuous stories here but are smashed together to make way for the Year of the Villain and make it narratively continuous. This however has the opposite effect of making it so rushed it becomes largely insignificant except for exactly what it says in the cover, rendering it very forgettable, which reflects sadly on the writing as it reduces the impact it was clearly going for by the final redemption of a classic character. Again, it is not a sleight against the writing or the artwork as there clearly is effort, but there is editorial tampering that is clearly evident with the tangents paving the way for the aforementioned event that although are critical for providing context, get in the way of the main narrative.