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Thank You!

The third installment of the Malta Comic Con has come to an end. This third edition was a blast for various reasons and it wouldn”t have been possible without the help that the Wicked Comics Team received. The organizing team spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make this year”s convention bigger and better than the previous two. Family and friends were an important asset to all of us on the Wicked Comics Team, for their constant support and for believing in us. The journey to success was an arduous one with many ups and downs however the team was solid and the love for the comics culture prevailed.

Even though not even a week has passed since St.James Cavalier was emptied from all the tables, chairs, posters, drawings, paintings, sketches, books and comics; Wicked Comics is already making plans for next year”s convention. The team looks forward to hear any comments you might have, being positive or negative so that next year”s comic con is even better!

To conclude however Wicked Comics would like to spare a few seconds to thank all the following people for their participation in one way or another in the Malta Comic Con 2011!

1- We would like to thank our group of Helpers. Your motivation, your dedication and team spirit made it possible for the rest of the team to run the event smoothly. We were all very impressed by your work and no words can ever match our gratitude towards you all!

2- We would like to thank our Foreign guests first of all for accepting our invitation and for believing in our Convention. Your heart warming words and feedback encourages us to further our venture. Your talent has inspired us all. Your friendship was a gift we will never forget and will forever cherish. Thanks for being so awesome and it was a pleasure for us to have you with us.

3- We can not forget also our Local Artists team. Thanks for participating in the Malta Comic Con 2011 and we hope that it was an enlightening experience to you all. To those of you who published some new work this year we would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you in your success. Keep it up!

4- We would also like to thank all those journalists and editors that covered our event on their blogs, radio shows, podcasts, newspapers, magazines or TV shows both before the convention, during and afterwards. Your support and interest helps us to grow, to spread our love and passion for comics with the general public. A special thanks is also in order here to Chris and Taylor for flying from England just to cover our event! Your presence was very enriching.

5- We would like to thank all the speakers and moderators that participated in our workshops. You shared with us your knowledge and insights and made sure that the Malta Comic Con wouldn”t just be like any other art exhibition but also a learning and intellectually stimulating experience. Thanks for sparing your time and for preparing such interesting presentations.

6- We would like to thank our Gaming Section Crew who not only made sure to provide gaming platforms, but also ran tournaments on both days. A special thanks also goes to W.A.R.S. for sharing their experience in Role-Playing Games and Table-top Games with us and our public during the event.

7- Another Thanks goes towards all the retailers and exhibitors that believed in our cause and had a stand. We hope to see you all next year once more!

8- A Thank you also goes to all those that helped us to set up St.James Cavalier for the event.

9- We can not forget our sponsors, some of which have believe in us and have been supporting us for the past three years. Without you we could never have made such event a success each passing year.

10- Another thanks goes to all the cosplayers who made our Comic Con colorful with their costumes. Thanks also to the judges that helped to make the first National Cosplay Competition possible.

11- Last but not least, Wicked Comics would like to thank all those who attended the Malta Comic Con 2011 either on one day or both day. Your support and feedback is priceless and without your presence we wouldn”t be able to make the Comic Con possible!

Thank you all!

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