Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale‘s “Superman For All Seasons” is best described, I believe, as a simple masterpiece.
It doesn’t try to be a grand story with sprawling action scenes or a mind-boggling thriller or a deconstruction of the Man of Steel. It is a simple retelling of a life, Clark Kent‘s early life as Superman from the point of view of the people around him. The layout work is masterful, and the artwork is equally gorgeous. However it excels in this by employing it’s simplicity to maximum amount effect. Yes the artwork can be sometimes weird in terms of depth of field, but it is not meant to be a spectacle – it is simply a life. A life were an individual is represented through a multitude of points of view, and all are equally valid, all accompanying a simple narrative allowing the reader to join their voice to the narrator s. It is simply a joyful read. Look it up.