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Morbius review by Raphael Borg


Directed by Daniel Espinosa
Written by
  • Matt Sazama
  • Burk Sharpless
Based on Marvel Comics
Produced by
  • Avi Arad
  • Matt Tolmach
  • Lucas Foster
  • Jared Leto
  • Matt Smith
  • Adria Arjona
  • Jared Harris
  • Al Madrigal
  • Tyrese Gibson
Cinematography Oliver Wood
Edited by Pietro Scalia
Music by Jon Ekstrand
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • Arad Productions
  • Matt Tolmach Productions
Distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing
Running time
104 minutes
This was a truly, truly strange experience for me.
On the one hand, I have no doubt that there was absolutely no better way a live action movie about Morbius would have ever turned out. The character in the pages of Marvel Comics does not have as much lore to substantiate such, and yet an interesting enough premise to at least warrant a short movie about. I must admit that there are some impressive action sequences in midair here, at least which I liked better than, say, the midair drop fight in Black Widow. But as impressive as they are, I could not shake off the fact that Sony are dead set to make their Marvel movies only belonging to an early 2000s time capsule – just as angsty yet silly, complete with disgusting yellow, blue and purple colour filters. The general theme is seriously “they could not have done it better,” in all seriousness. I mean, seriously, if you want to make an angsty/silly movie in this day and age, who better to pick as your star than Jared friggin Leto? Who else to pick as you fun-british-yet-somehow-angsty lead than the person next in line from David Tennant, Matt Smith? The only serious head scratcher here is certain visuals used to convey the manifestation of Morbius’ power; the ear thing is definitely disgusting to look it, at least for me, and the flight slipstream looks like he set his clothes on fire and forgot to turn them off or farting as he goes, and it is very hard to unsee to the point of abject silliness. Sure, the character of Morbius looks exactly like he leapt off the comic page, and it is clear the intention is to justify some of that look, but it ends up looking terrible instead. I cannot say I hated it or expected better though; it is exactly what I thought a Morbius movie would be.