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Batman: Arkham Asylum review by Raphael Borg

I don’t usually promote Batman graphic novels as they get quite enough exposure without me trying to. However, this is by far one of my favorite books both as a Batman book as well as Grant Morrison one. Not only it has the same metaphysical quality one would expect from a Morrison narrative, but the artwork by Dave McKean is truly one I absolutely relish looking at, as off-putting as it is. It absolutely fits the off-base nature of the asylum, creating a mood that is not only rife with uncanny valley, but also suffocating and imposing as the walls of the asylum itself. Essentially, it is a tour around the place with the inmates running amok, all the while it exposes itself as a cracked mirror upon of the identity of the Dark Knight. A book that cannot be dropped once the first page is open; that much, I can guarantee.