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Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons Hardcover review by Raphael Borg

Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons Hardcover
by Kelly Sue Deconnick (Author), Phil Jimenez (Illustrator), Gene Ha (Illustrator), Nicola Scott (Illustrator)

When has Greek Mythology and the Wonder Woman corner of the DC universe looked so good?

Kelly Sue DeConnick joins a plethora of artists such as Gene Ha and Phil Jimenez in this titan of a venture in DC Black Label’s Wonder Woman:Historia, tracking the history of the Amazons, the idyllic society of women of Themyscira, through the eyes of the Amazons themselves and their gods.

And what a fine work of art it is!

DC Black Label has been delivering the goods like no other in comics since the pandemic in my opinion, and this is no exception. The artwork is simply gorgeous, fit for a very creative take on Greek mythology making it look both fresh and yet so intertwined with it’s classic iconography that one can easily think of it as something apart from the DC universe and simply a part of Hellenic mythological culture. The writing is just as grandiose, with DeConnick delivering lines fit for a Greek pedagogue, making this a truly outstanding work.

But where it excels the most is the emotions it delivers with it’s art. The soft lines yet consistent use of idealised anatomy even where one usually does not find it, highly reminiscent of classic Greek art, makes the Gods look simultaneously human yet imposing, mystical yet flawed, the human characters divine and idealised.

It is simply something that ought to be witnessed.