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The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive Ltd Seriers 1-3 review by Raphael Borg

by Kenny Porter (Author), Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (Illustrator), Juan Ferreyra (Illustrator), Jason Howard (Illustrator), Jr. Fajardo, Romulo (Contributor)

The inevitable movie tie-in to the The Flash has landed and, while the writing by Kenny Porter is very faithful to synthesising who the character is both on page and screen, the comic in its entirety is a mixed bag.

The limited series goes through the head scratching decision of switching artists for every issue, leading to not only a very inconsistent art style in spite of it being more or less a cohesive narrative, but a terrible one at that, with very weird anatomical choices with joints were there simply should be and proportions that are too cartoonish for my taste. In all honesty, the only decent artwork in the entire series that truly captures the spirit of Barry Allen the best – the dynamism, the sincerity, the speed and the earnestness – is the second issue with artwork by Juan Ferreyra.

I would not say it is skippable, as it does fill in some small blanks between the changes in the character between Snyder’s Justice League and the current movie in the theatre (like the fact that Barry actually knows how to fight this time around, addressing his limits, etc) but I would not think that casual fans curious about the character would truly get into it. It’s alright, but it’s not necessary reading to understand the character at all.