As I sit down to write this newsletter I look back through the past few weeks and cannot help smiling, as I am sure all those who attended one or more meetings are doing. Why? Imagine this: A green landscape blossoming with different flowers and shrubs – each letting off its characteristic scent and bragging its beauty to the rest of the world, interrupted only by a river streaming through. I think this appropriately captures the variety present in our February meetings.

Personal Life, Writing, and Publishing

A public seminar on February 3rd with guest speaker Immanuel Mifsud, award winner of the European Prize for Literature, 2011, dealt with numerous aspects intrinsic to the writer. I will focus on two. Starting from the basics: a writer”s life. According to Immanuel, our
personal life affects what we write and how we write it. To support his point Immanuel also highlighted turning points in his life which he believes affected his works the way his writing developed.

“DIY!” – Immanuel Mifsud

Turning to the second aspect, you can imagine how we all sat up wide-eyed as Immanuel started outlining the difficulties he had had to publish his works early in his career, eager to spot a possibility for us young writers in this regard. But just as some of you may already have concluded, Immanuel”s advice from personal experience is: do it yourself!

Cupid”s Journey

“Oh Romeo, Romeo…wherefore art thou Romeo…?”
As Cupid”s work day moved closer, us writers got ourselves busy writing short messages, poems, and one-liners especially for the public. Naturally, Valentine”s Day is for couples to celebrate their love… but we took it a step further, writing for both singles and couples who are dating, in a long-term relationship, engaged, or married! After a long week spent filling Cupid”s mind with tasks to do, at different times on his working day, Cupid poised his bow and arrow and numerous persons were curiously hit by receiving a message with a message from their admirer or partner wishing them a Happy Valentine”s Day in an innovative way. A success!

The Writers Club Goes Behind

Franco Rizzo, a 25-year-old writer entertained us by co-reading with Erin Stuart a draft of his new play.
Well…what can I say? As all writers present at the meeting agreed: It”s fresh, it”s modern… it is sure to live across time! I leave the rest up to Franco Rizzo to show you once the play moves from behind the scenes to being on stage. We”re all looking forward to that day Franco… that”s for sure!

TWC and Pilot Project

13 writers. 5 artists. 1 project.
Writers attached to artists in a two-way relationship to produce the second edition of Pilot. Stories, poetry and script writing come together in a creation of graphical representations, commonly known as comics. The works are underway!


March is on the Menu:

*All meetings are held in the Music Room at St James Cavalier, Centre for Creativity inValletta between 19:30 and 21:30, unless otherwise stated.

-Monday 5th March
It”s getting cold in here! Or should I say…hotter?! Tension builds up between members as participants in the competition Chill/Dehxa, find out the much awaited results.

WHO are the winners? And the judges?
WHAT did they write?
WHY did they win?

Join us and listen to the winning entries and the judges” comments! Ask questions and discuss with the writers who submitted their work and see for yourself whether judges” decisions were well-placed.

In the second half of the meeting experiment in writing and criticizing… as our saying goes:

“Alone we write…Together we grow!”

– Tuesday 13th
Go slow on that defense!
Ms Roberta Zahra de Domenico, clinical psychologist, family therapist, and current president of the Maltese Psychological Association, will be our guest facilitator at the meeting: Go slow on that defense!

As writers we receive constant feedback on our literary works ranging from comments on the direction the literary work took, the world the story takes place in, character development…and the list goes on. Without the awareness of how we receive and give feedback and, most importantly, criticism, we may tend to block out the information other people are passing to us. The result? Adamant refusal of considering other options and hindering development as a writer.

Although seemingly futile, if you want to grow and develop as writers, then this is one of the points you need to start from!

– Tuesday 20th
A two-hour session of writing and criticism around the theme of ___________.
More details will be given at the meeting.

– Friday 23rd
Open reading
This open reading marks the 4th open reading of The Writers Club. So…what”s different this time? Location: Omerta Trattoria and Winebar, 92, Old Bakery Street. Also, it is open to all writers aged 16+

Come along and bring your friends with you – whether you are a writer, critic, publisher, or just feel like intermingling with friends on an evening with a difference…then this is the place to be on Friday 23rd!! You will also have the opportunity to comment on the works you listen to…after each reading! And perhaps even discuss!

– Monday 26th
Literary structures and formulae.
A presentation from a writer… to writers. Want to know more? See you there!

– Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st April
Writing for Children
Established writers known for their writings for children join us on Saturday at the Verdala Youth Hostel in Buskett to part their knowledge during 2 seminars: creating characters for children”s stories, followed by creating a world for
children”s stories.

Registered members of The Writers Club have the option of sleeping over at the VYH and testing their hand at writing for children in various workshops on Sunday. Works produced will be put into use at the coming Puttinu Cares

Details on costs and booking will be provided on our facebook page in due time.

TWC welcomes new members aged 16-25.

Feel free to join us for an innovative literary experience which is creative down to its roots!

For more details, and to catch us at our random events, please follow TWC on Facebook:

TWC is now working in collaboration with St James Cavalier, English Speaking Union (ESU), British Council, Inizjamed, PoezijaPlus, DESA, the University of Malta, Malta Comic Con, Versatili, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, and Pilot.

The Writers Club – February March Newsletter

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