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The Flash 18: The Search for Barry Allen TPB review by Raphael Borg

The Flash 18: The Search for Barry Allen TPB
by Jeremy Adams (Author), Fernando Pasarin (Illustrator), Will Conrad (Illustrator), Amancay Nahuelpan (Illustrator), Serg Acuna (Illustrator)

Jeremy Adams’ run on the Flash continues! While it retains the momentum of really being in touch with the very dynamic corner of the world of Central and Keystone City in the DC Universe, the 18th volume of the post-Rebirth era of the DC Universe does falter a bit in that it is sadly very dependant on the event “Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths” to truly have one’s bearings. But it does have some interesting twists and turns.

What I am most interested in is a new shift in the status quo of the West family that might have gigantic repercussions down the line; Adams seems genuinely more interested in the family dynamic of the Wests than focusing on the world around them. But it comes at the expense of treating some historically very well developed characters as nothing but cutouts. Which is a shame; while the return of the Rouges under Adams’ care is a very welcome addition, the fact that these could have been literally anyone else in a quasi-repeat of something that had been done fairly recently makes this feel almost like a throwaways issue.

Here’s to hoping this was just a short pause in his otherwise very creative momentum.