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Roger Bonet Martinez

Spanish inker, draftsman and screenwriter who studied at the Joso Comics School in Barcelona and began work at a very young age as an illustrator for Dungeons and Dragons magazines before going to work at Marvel Italia as an inker in series like Euroforce and Conan with Paco Díaz Luque and Xavi Marturet. Then he went on to ink some Age of Ultron with Carlos Pacheco, and for DC comics he worked on Nightwing collections and Batwoman with Juan José Ryp among others. He is also the screenwriter of Cazadores de Gonzos (Dibbuks, Spain), Urgences Civernetiques (Tabou editors, France) and Beast Commandos (Amigo comics, USA). As an artist he works with US publishers such as Zenescope comics, and Dynamite comics.

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