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Riyana Stivala

I am Riyana Stivala a local artist in Malta at Artistic Views which is my own art business. I have been self-taught in Art and Design, and I have always been passionate in anything related to art. I studied tattoos with Skin label which is also a local tattoo company and studied Fashion and media make up with Ocean beauty. I have been creating art since I was a little kid and always practiced on becoming better. I mostly specialized in realistic portraits and surrealistic ones, but I worked on several type of art pieces. To improvise and gain my creation, lately Artistic Views have been
working on creating art on clothes. My art was exhibited in a local Art Café located in Valletta also in the America university of Malta located in Cospicua. I am always searching and looking for places to display my art to share along with many local artists and to develop my artwork as well. Being part of this year’s comic con is my first time and I am looking forward to sharing my artwork out there.