The Wanderer’s Tome

The Wanderer’s Tome is run by Maltese sisters Fleur and Chelsea Sciortino. Together, they create and design their own tabletop roleplaying games. They started their venture in 2020.

In October 2021, they Kickstarted their first tabletop roleplaying game, ‘Flabbergasted!’. It successfully funded, 300% over their original goal. Flabbergasted is now being translated into four other languages and over 5000 copies are in distribution. Flabbergasted has also been nominated for numerous awards including the highly-coveted ENNIE Awards (Best Art Interior, Best Game, Product of the Year).

Since then, they’ve Kickstarted their second product, Wanderer’s Companion, a create-a-portrait sticker book perfect for visualising TTRPG characters.

Their focus is to create light-hearted, accessible games with a narrative heart: games they would love to play themselves.

Visit and follow them on social media to learn of upcoming games and other announcements. Join their discord to try out their games with other players and be directly involved with future projects.


The Wanderer’s Tome