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The Golden Lizard TPB


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Malta’s First Graphic Novel. Created And Illustrated By Fabio Agius, Co Written By Chris Le Galle And Coloured By Mark Ellul.
Yes we’ve all heard stories where the hero finally slays the dragon and rescues the fine princess.What they don’t tell you is that they don’t live happily ever after because the hero becomes a drunk and the princess divorces his ass. Fortunately, the Golden Lizard is not one of these stories. It’s an eighties inspired adventure comedy where two unlikely half brothers; Nick and Willy (the Naughty Robot) ,embark on a quest for the legendary treasure of THE GOLDEN LIZARD .
 A gambling deal gone sour leaves Willy in debt to his electrical balls to notorious loan shark Philly. Tincan Comics cordinally invites you to join an assortment of wacky characters which include a  horny sea farter , an annoying parrot, strange natives with BIG hadunkas  and even stranger creatures who look like badly drawn dinosaurs as they all fight it off for the alleged treasure, whilst getting drunk, trying to get laid ,and taking the piss on each other. After all isn’t that what we all do?


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