Neko Maid Café

Inspired by the Maid Cafe’s in Japan we are proud to introduce the first Maid Cafe’ on the Maltese

Islands; the Neko Maid Cafe’!

Unlike a traditional cafeteria, in the Maid Cafe’ the waiters and waitresses, referred to as Butlers and

Maids, provide entertainment to customers in the form of singing, dancing, games and much more.

Inspired by the Japanese culture, a lot of games, decorations and music come from those of popular

Japanese Anime.

Come visit us at our stand at the Malta Comic Con 2015 and enjoy fun games and delicious

decorated sweets that will be available!

Here’s a selection of games that will be run by Neko Maid Café during the two days of Malta Comic

Con 2015:

1) Janken! (Or Jankenpon)

(More commonly known as Rock, Paper, Scissors!)

Rules are extremely simple and most likely everyone knows how to play! Rock beats scissors,

scissors beats paper, paper beats rock!

In a lot of Japanese anime the Jankenpon is used to settle disputes; one of the most memorable ones

I came across being the Kakashi vs Guy Janken that most of you will remember!

2) Chopstick Madness

Compete with the Maids and Butlers in a frenzy of flurring chopsticks!!!!

A plate of smooth circular sweets is placed in the middle and the competitors must pick up as many

as they can until all the sweets finish using only the chopsticks provided! The person with the most

sweets in their plate wins!

3) Daruma-san ga Koronda!!! (also known as Statues or Red Light/ Green Light)

A person is chosen to be ”it” and will face a wall while chanting ”Daruma-san ga koronda” at any

speed they desire! In the meantime the rest of the players who will be at the designated ”start” need

to run towards the person who is ”it” and touch that person on the back in order to win or replace ”it”.

However once ”it” stops chanting and turns around all the other players need to freeze! While they are

frozen” the ”it” person will go around and try to see if anyone is moving, and those that are caught

are either sent back to the start or lose the game! The ”it” has to be careful when moving around

though because players can move if the ”it” cannot see them!

A famous rendition of Daruma-san ga Koronda was done in a very funny episode of One Piece; an

episode which was rightly named ”Daruma-san ga koronda” (Epsiode 216)!!!

For more information kindly visit:

Neko Maid Café