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Matteo Illuminati

Born in Rome class of 1988, Matteo attended the International School of Comics in Rome from 2013 to 2017.

As an illustrator he has worked on a number of titles published in the USA, which include; ” CHANGA AND JADE OBELISK” VOL.1 & 2 and “ONE NATION THE GAUNTLET” for 133Art, “MINE TO AVENGE: THE BOOK OF LAYLA” VOL.1, 2, 3, for Subsume Publishing House, “COQUI” VOL. 1 for ChidoComics,
“HARRIET TUBMAN DEMON SLAYER” vol.6, published for Kingwood Comics (TV Series currently in development) and “THE ANTAGONIST” vol 2, for Godhood Comics (TV Series currently in development).

Matteo is also the winner of the 2O21 GLYPH AWARD for story of the year with “CHANGA AND THE JADE OBELISK” VOL.1