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Mario Damiano Sciuto

Mario Damiano Sciuto was born in Catania in 1983. His debut comes in 2017 with a history of the Sandokan (ed.Starcomics) and colors the book Il Ragazzo Invisibile 2 (published by Panini). The winner is the roar of speed, for the realization of a comic strip about the famous Sicilian family of Florio. In 2018 he designed a story for the French publishing house Petit à Petit for the Histoires de la Coupe du monde book and other three books of the same publishing house, is actually involved in the various projects of WM Art Studio. Currently concept artist for the videogame company NARC. He manages, along with William Calleja, WM Art Studio, a company based in Malta that, with the help of numerous professionals within it, handles a large number of customers all over the world and commissions related to the world of comics, illustration, cinema and advertising.