Ingi Jensson

Ingi is a bit of a creative nomad, not only for geographical reasons, but also because of his interest in exploring different drawings styles.

He spent most of his freelance career in The Netherlands and the UK even though his comics and cartoons were published in magazines and newspapers in his country of birth (Iceland) while he focused his illustration work mostly towards Dutch educational publishers and museums.

Having a passion for spreading the joy of drawing & visual storytelling he ran a comic making school in Iceland for 3 years, and the 9 years he spent living in the North of the UK saw Ingi spread his enthusiasm at all levels of education including lending input towards the development of a Comics Degree at Teesside University in Middlesbrough.

In 2014, Ingi undertook an MA degree at Teesside University where he dove into world building & visual storytelling.

After graduating he took on a lecturer role in Concept Art at the same university which eventually would lead him to move to Malta in 2018 to join the game company NARC as its Chief Creative Officer, where visual storytelling plays a key role.


Ingi Jensson