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Koren Shadmi’s HIGHWAYMAN will blow you away! Plus more from Alan Moore

Here comes HIGHWAYMAN!

“A bewitching and fascinating roadtrip… with impeccable writing and narration.” — Planete BD

“Shadmi intrigues with his mysteries and his evocative skill, asking more questions than he answers.” — BoDoï

Israeli cartoonist Koren Shadmi (Love AddictThe Abaddon) turns to science fiction in a sprawling, ambitious journey across time and space.

Forever on the move, Highwayman travels through the vastness of North America searching for the source of his condition. He suffers from a strange, seemingly incurable disease: immortality. Bound to the road and at the mercy of whomever will give him a ride, he encounters people who reflect the rapidly changing world around him. Moving through centuries of change, he watches humanity’s precarious trajectory towards an unknown future.

Highwayman by Koren Shadmi
$19.99 (US) • ISBN 978-1-60309-441-2 • Diamond order code: JAN190855
160 pages • full color • softcover graphic novel w/ flaps • 7.15″ x 9″
For mature readers (16+) • Read a 4-page preview

Coming in May 2019!
Pre-order from your favorite comic shop or anywhere books are sold.


In Previews now: FROM HELL gives its villain a name!

“A Torn Envelope.” Another woman is brutally murdered near Whitechapel, and the police receive a mysterious letter bearing the name… Jack the Ripper.

Experience FROM HELL as never before: fully restored and in color for the first time!

“Is colorizing From Hell a betrayal of the groundbreaking original? …does it work? I’m pleased to say that it does. Everything that made From Hell great in black and white is still there… The art just looks great.” — Slate

Five unsolved murders. Two of the greatest creators in the history of comics. One sprawling conspiracy, one metropolis on the brink of the twentieth century, and one bloody-minded Ripper ushering London into the modern age of terror. The award-winning bestseller FROM HELL, often ranked among the greatest graphic novels of all time, takes on haunting new dimensions in FROM HELL: The Master Edition, enhanced with impressionistic hues by Eddie Campbell himself.

This volume contains Chapters 6 and 7, as well as all the original annotations, and selected excerpts from Alan Moore’s astonishing script.

Co-Published by Top Shelf Productions (US) and Knockabout (UK).

From Hell: Master Edition #4 (of 10)
by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell
$7.99 (US) • Diamond order code: JAN190854
80 pages • Full color • Prestige-format comic book (with spine)
For adults (18+) • Read a 4-page preview

Coming in March 2019!
Pre-order from your favorite comic shop with 
Diamond order code JAN190854.


In stores now: the fabulous fourth issue of

Legendary swords clash atop the Paris Opera in 1913, while

Legendary swords clash atop the Paris Opera in 1913, while almost a century later a declining London witnesses assassination attempts, summit meetings in Haggerston Park, and the catastrophic return of a 1960s super-adventurer. Elsewhere, in the four-dimensional territories adjacent to the North Pole, a lost Shakespeare play sees its first and last performance, while Queen Gloriana’s conjuror finally reveals the nature of his five-hundred-year-old game. Topping off an already heady mixture, this issue’s classic Seven Stars reprint depicts our halcyon heroes as “Captives of the Creepyverse”, another reason not to miss the unfolding of Moore and O’Neill’s fulgurant finale in issue four of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume IV, The Tempest.

Co-Published by Top Shelf Productions (US) and Knockabout (UK).

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol IV): The Tempest#4 (of 6)
by Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill

$4.99 (US) • Diamond order code: OCT180733
32 pages • (mostly) full-color comic book
For mature readers (16+)

In stock now at all great comic shops!

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