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Kevin Enhart

Kevin Enhart is a writer for short films and comics, as well as a comic book artist and colorist. Kevin is also working as a cinema production designer and storyboarder. He’s best known for his alternating coloring styles, best suited for each individual project.

He taught cinema and wrote for a time in a cinema magasine, “l’Ecran Fantastique”.

Kevin’s prior comic book projects include “Puss in Boots”, “Vikings”, “Warhammer 40.000” and “Anno Dracula”. He also worked on the Heavy Metal and Megadeth anthology : “Death by Metal”. Audiovisually, he worked on the French film “419” by Eric Bartonio, and commercials for Awkeye Production and Parrot. Enhart is also currently developing his own project named “The Outlaws” with Markosia Entertainment.

During the pandemic, he also contributed to various scientific education projects in France, and have written and produced his first documentary, “Primum Non Nocere”, that was aired at the French Senate.

He lives in Brittany, France, with his wife and kids.