Inga Steinmetz

Inga Steinmetz lives and works in Berlin. She was born in the GDR and has moved back and forth eastern and western Berlin since then, currently residing near the East Side Gallery.

At the age of 15 she started writing stories and drawing comics, always striving to become a full-time artist one day. She is well known for her works Freche Maedchen-Freche Manga, Bruederchen und Schwesterchen (“Grimms Manga”), Alpha Girl and the autobiographic Schneeballens Fall and Schneeballen-Verliebt in Japan.

To this day she has drawn more than 1000 pages and written over 20 stories. She was featured in many newspaper articles and TV-broadcastings. Inga writes articles about Manga for the German newspaper Tagesspiegel and is teaching Manga for German Goethe Institute in Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Indonesia and Malaysia and the UAE.

Inga spent two months in South Korea following the invitation of the Korean comic agency Komacon. She also spent one month in Austria as part of residency program “Artist in Residence”. In 2015 she lived in Japan for one month and experienced the work life of Japanese comic artists there.

Published works in chronological order:

 “Manga Fieber 2” (Tokyopop)  “Freche Mädchen-Freche Manga” Vol. 1-3 (Tokyopop)  “Versprich” shortstory (Carlsen)  “Grimms Manga Vol. 3” (Tokyopop)  “Alpha Girl” Vol. 1-2 (Tokyopop)  “Heart” shortstory/Manga Audition (won worldwide Excellence Award)  “Dear Moon” Sailor Moon fancomic (self-publishing)  “Schneeballens Fall” (Carlsen)  “Schneeballen – Verliebt in Japan” (Carlsen)


Inga Steinmetz