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Jeanelle Zammit

Jeanelle is a manga-oriented illustrator and comic-artist.

She mostly illustrates imaginative slice-of-life scenes. Her favourite, go-to media change a lot, as she is a very moody artist and will usually choose whichever media suits her mood best. She has recently mostly been experimenting with traditional media as she finds them challenging but inherently relaxing and calming.

She always loved to draw and from a young age, used art both to express herself and her feelings and to understand the puzzled world around her.

Since her main-job keeps her very busy, she doesn’t produce much art, but she has lots of ideas and dreams of someday being able to finish a comic which has been with her since she was a teenager. Currently, she mostly draws to relax.

Together with her fiancé Bernard Micallef, she has participated in every local comic-con to date. They have self-published the RPGB series and frequently collaborate to produce work for book-publishers as well.

Please visit Jeanelle and Bernard’s stall at the comic-con for cool comics and illustrations!