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Green Lantern: Rebirth (Tpb)

This has to stop! I am becoming addicted to Geoff Johns’ writing. As well said in Brad Meltzer’s introduction, this rebirth could have been done the easy way out but an impressive new beginning is told. Hal Jordan fell from grace and he died a villain. He did not gather any fans through being the Spectre. He is reborn as the fearless hero (this is an essential part of his character). Geoff respects writers and twitches their stories to improve Hal Jordan, the other Green Lanterns and all the Green Lantern Corps. Additionally, he gives us a logical explanation for any odd things in the Corps’ saga. Of interest is the fact that some hereos remained sceptical on Green Lantern’s return. Detailed artwork is submitted by Ethan Van Scriver. A plus in the trade paperback is the original plot and covers. Maybe next time I will only take a peek at his take on Aquaman. Not!!!

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