Ghost Rider Vol. 1: Unchained review by Raphael Borg

Ghost Rider, Vol. 1: Unchained TPB


Benjamin Percy (Goodreads Author),


Cory Smith and Brent Peeples (Illustrations)

What a start!

I haven’t read a Ghost Rider book THIS GOOD in YEARS! NOTHING about it is bad; the book flows absolutely well, the artwork by Cory Smith and Brent Peeples horrifical stunning, the writing…*chef’s kiss*. It takes Johnny Blaze right back to basics and rebuilds the Ghost Rider as a Monster among Monsters who knows he is a Monster, and has to keep other Monsters in check. It is RIFE with social commentary, starting with transhumanism and medical philosophy, to the alterity of the self to the alienation and the race of life. It is just beautiful. Anything I will say will not do it justice.
Word of warning: it is NEITHER for the faint of heart OR for fundamentalists. And definitely not for children. Those will not like the book.
But holy cow it’s just deliciously good.
Ghost Rider Vol. 1: Unchained review by Raphael Borg
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