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Flash: Rebirth (Tpb)

Here I am raving again about Geoff Johns’ writing and it’s all his fault! He is the reason why must I admit that most of the DC comics’ characters are not so lame anymore. The more I read the more I am becoming a defender of these characters. This story is unlike the Green Lantern’s rebirth although the artist/partner in crime, Ethan Van Sciver is back too.

After 23 years, Barry Allen’s resurrection was not portrayed in this comic as it was done in Final Crisis event, but this is his reintroduction. Through out the unfolding of the venture we meet various users of the speed force(old and young), which ventures to prevent Reverse-Flash, the main culprit from administering his vengeance. Flashbacks aid to provide origin, history, personality, and motivation for this hero.

This is not the end as it seems the Flash will have a busy future as he has to catch up with the present and at the outcome of this adventure, his Rogues’ Gallery is gearing up. Maybe everything will again change by the end of the Flash driven DC annual event “Flashpoint”?

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