Dani was born in Athens, Greece in 1992 and studied sculpturing in Athens School of Fine Arts. For the past 3 years she has been self-publishing her own creator owned series “Tales from the Strips” and is now finishing the final installment of the series. Dani recently drew a short story for 2000AD’s Free Comic Book Day 2016 issue and is currently providing backup stories in IDW’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: The Salmon of Doubt, written by Arvind Ethan David. She loves her cats and travelling around the world!

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Tales from the Strips issue #1: Cool Zombie and Daphne are just a sweet “normal” couple enjoying their Sunday at the rodeo, but they’re not alone and a threat from the past emerges to hunt them down once again.

Tales from the Strips issue #2: Cool Z&D are having breakfast at a local diner called “Niki’s Donuts” when suddenly they are attacked by “The Gurlz”. But this is not just another drive by and Niki Boots is definitely not an everyday diner’s owner. Extra spice in the issue- a short story called “Roadkill”.

Tales from the Strips issue #3: Cool Z&D decide to take revenge -so do the bad guyz. We also get to know some things from the past.. Finally!!