Copper Mouflon

Copper Mouflon is a co-operation between a writer and an illustrator for the creation of highly-artistic and highly-entertaining graphic novels that will have you thumbing for the next page (or scrolling for the next frame) with bated breath and harrowing excitement. Their goal is to create graphic novels for adults that usually contain fantasy elements. They are currently working on completing their first graphic novel titled ‘The Reaper’s Choice’ which will be released digitally in 2016 on their website During Malta Comic Con 2015, they will have available for purchase a short illustrated story titled ‘Stay Centered’ which demonstrates the kind of stories they plan to produce in the future.

Christopher Demetriou

Writing duties at Copper Mouflon are handled by Chris who proclaims a passion for stories of all types and genres and he is always on the lookout for a good twist, When not writing stories he enjoys contemplating the ceiling because he claims it gets his creative juices flowing, winning every single board game he plays thanks to his ridiculous luck with the dice and munching on whatever’s left in the fridge.

Stella Violari

The artist (Stella in da house!) studied illustration in the UK and is currently finishing her MA in lovely and sunny Cyprus. She’s been in love with drawing ever since she could hold a pencil (proof: her mother cries every time someone mentions “white walls” at home) and she’s über passionate about games (though she can’t beat Chris at board games), comics, anime, cartoons, and movies. In short: if it comes on a screen, she’ll take it.

Copper Mouflon