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Christian Debono

I was born in 1985 and since a young age I’ve been interested in science fiction. I distinctly remember reading an illustrated version of H. G Wells’ ‘Time Machine’ which definitely left an impression. As a kid I loved watching anime, especially Dragonball Z, Ranma, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Inuyasha. For years I have also been an avid gamer, spending hours at a time getting lost in these digital worlds. I particularly enjoy story driven video games like the Legacy of Kain series. I remember watching Labyrinth and the Never Ending story over and over. With my childhood friends we would often re-create the best scenes of these movies!

I love comic books and I’m especially interested in post-apocalyptic stories, dystopian stories and science fiction. I really enjoy discovering lesser known independent comics and video games. I am also still an avid reader of science fiction, often looking for old classics and new up and coming authors. In the last few years I’ve spent more and more time losing at board games (my wife Suzanne always wins) and being killed in Dungeons and Dragons (often eaten alive).

The Malta Comic Con is very close to my heart because it brings together all these different genres that I love as well as an amazing group of people with similar passions and hobbies to mine, many of whom I can now call friends! The Malta Comic Con is an important local celebration of comics and the fantasy/science fiction world. I am proud to be involved and enjoy lending a hand by organising local helpers. The Malta Comic Con would not be possible without the hardworking organisers and helpers!

Apart from the above my other hobbies include gardening (especially growing vegetables), walking/hiking, travelling, reading and cooking (vegetarian food is my speciality). For a number of years I was active in the environmental movement both locally and abroad. My plans in the near future include writing and leading my first Dungeons and Dragons campaign (at least this way I will stay alive)!