Captain America #193-#200 review by Raphael Borg
“Comics were better when they left politics out”
My question is… When was that?
It is truly weird when a comic from the 70s (Captain America #193-#200 from 1975) resonates with the specific circumstances most of the world finds itself in, where the elite run the show exploiting the divisions of the world beneath them. In a mix of Rollerball, Squid Game and Traditional Superheroics, Jack Kirby provides in his typical over-the-top fashion what I like to call “revolution in easily-digestable form“, made especially for younger audiences. Yes it does get preachy in spots and on-the-nose, and falters a bit where it tapers off into an oddly-placed love story. But it is a story as relevant today as it was back then.
It does make you reflect how nothing has changed in spite of everything having done so in such a long time, does it not?
Captain America #193-#200 review by Raphael Borg
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