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Avengers: Endgame Movie Review by Raphael Borg

Avengers: Endgame (2019) is a cathartic experience. It is certainly not as speculator friendly as its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War (2018) which I believe stood on its own merits even if one would appreciate it further when having followed the MCU since its inception. The latest, however, does not have this in its favor and it is essential for any viewer to have watched all of the previous movies to fully grasp the full goings-on. Having said that, though, the movie is rife with positives. The movie slowly builds to a glorious third act with pay off after pay off to all the right beats that have been needing of closure throughout the cinematic universe with complete reverence and dedication to their arcs and who the characters are meant to be and what they stand for to long-time comic fans and those attached solely to the movie universe. The performances where absolutely incredible, particularly the big three of the team. It is clear that all three actors as well as the directors know and love what these characters are meant to symbolise and it is spread out for all to see, bringing their arcs to a poetic close like nothing before. It was utterly enjoyable, building up to particular a moment which has been anticipated ever since the Cinematic Universe was announced that absolutely brings about an incredible release. The first half might be a slog to sit through, and the physics of the tale certainly does bring about a couple of headaches at first, but other than that, it is a joy from start to finish, particularly the finish. I would only complain with a few shoehorning and flag-waving which occur sporadically during the running time (twice in fact) and without reason when a perfect moment that would have been fine by itself just immediately before it. But certainly these do not ruin the film, remaining questionable at best.

Just go out and see it.

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