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Angie, known as Anjiedromeda, is a Maltese illustrator born in 2000. She’s been drawing since her early days, starting from her house walls before going on sketchbooks.

In the rare times that you see her outside, you can see her sketching her characters, fanart or doodles to improve her skills.

Angie focuses on digital but is starting to use more pencils and ink pens and constantly strives for improvement. She’s constantly coming up with new story ideas, with two currently being turned to reality as potential graphic novels.

She’s a big fan of anime, video games, fantasy, or anything dessert/cafe/sweet-themed. Now that she’s finished with MCAST, Angie tries to draw and express her works more, whether they’re Artfight attacks, Fanart, or expressing her stories through her characters.

Angie aims to be consistent in her art, with hopes that the creations she makes bring a smile to one’s face.