Chantel Scalpello

Welcome to Chantel Scalpello’s Cabinet of Muses.

Chantel’s work inherently attempts to make manifest abstract notions and explore the darker themes of the human condition.

Her work can be described as eclectic, mingling elements from the traditional lore of various cultures and religions and infusing them with a contemporary interpretation. She draws from a well of garnered inspiration and knowledge stemming from her diverse passion for various disciplines – not limited to the visual arts – such as music, literature, fashion, philosophy, history, archaeology, astrology, natural and social sciences; as well as observing the magical realism imbued in nature.

She has recently published a gothic fairy tale entitled, ‘HUNT FOR THE BLACK LOTUS’, inspired by astrology, and based on the format reminiscent of the silent film era.


HUNT FOR THE BLACK LOTUS | Stream the Full Story:


Chantel Scalpello