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15:00 – Game Streaming with Local Twitch Streamers

Moderated by Nigel Twumasi





Who is Spooner? Natanael “Spooner” Aquilina is a local Maltese streamer focusing mainly on FPS games such as Warzone, horror games and also racing games. He has dabbled into the competitive scene by organizing BR warzone tournaments and also organized a number of 24 hr Charity Streams. He might be best known locally for the comedic horror game TikTok highlights featuring his girlfriend and also streamer: RogueKimiko. His main focus going forwards will be the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 game and also Warzone 2.0.

Dad gamer turned das turned social media influencer. Max has broken the TikTok algorithm and gone viral on multiple accounts. Boasting over 800K followers on all social media channels he is heavy weight (figuratively and literally) of the Maltese content creator scene.