J-okini – Products from Japan started with a simple idea to bring a bit of ‘Japan’ to Malta in 2016 from Kyoto which is the hometown of the founder Sumie Nakamura.

j-okini means ‘j’ for Japan and ‘okini’ comes from Ookini meaning ‘thank you’ in the dialect of Kyoto.  The motto of j-okini is to introduce ‘good things’ from Japan and to please customers.

They were with the Malta Japan Association at Malta Comic Con in 2018/2019 and this year more variety of Kawaii products will be available.

Available products: Japanese tea, Matcha, Matcha bowls, Teaware , Japanese incense, Kokeshi dolls, Japanese lucky charms, Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping clothes), Tenugui towels, Japanese stationeries, Japanese cookware, Totoro items, bags, Kimono wallets, Tabi socks, earrings and other accessories
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Online shop: www.j-okini.com

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