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Thunderbolts by Warren Ellis – Review by Raphael Borg

Warren Ellis’ Thunderbolts is, in my opinion, a very opportune in light of today’s news. It begs the question “what would happen if the very worst decision made by the government was only held together only by a thread”, turning it up to 11 by making that thread a psychopath hanging on to sanity by frequent meds. And when he is finally pushed over the edge, boy is it glorious! The dark and quasi-realistic-albeit-over-the-top artwork by Mike Deodato¬†further adds to the claustrophobic atmosphere until it comes to a head wonderfully. The book features some of my favorite moments in comics ever, all featuring my favorite of Spider Man s does, the Green Goblin, like you ve never seen him before. In fact the story cemented my love for the character of Norman Osborn.

Give it a read.