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The Flash Vol. 17: Eclipsed TPB review by Raphael Borg

The Flash Vol. 17: Eclipsed TPB

by Jeremy Adams (Author), Fernando Pasarin (Illustrator)

Jeremy Adams’ run on the Flash continues with his second volume “Eclipsed”! With Adams’ long-term plan still in it’s nascent tones, it does, however, have a firm hold on what makes Wally West’s previous tenure as the Scarlet Speedster during Mark Waid’s run so entertaining – family drama with many visits to exotic and entertaining scenarios both personal and high stakes. The most entertaining portion, however, is a specific issue halfway through the collected edition in which Doctor Fate seems to interact directly with the reader and telling them to contribute…and it largely works within the context of the book!

The only part that I find lacking is probably the fact that there seems very little in were an idea of a long-term plan for the narrative should be. Adams seems not to intend to have anything “unique” to say about the Speedster that would make the voice his own but rather just an average story of a family whose patriarch happens to have outrageous, dimension-hopping powers. Which is ok, I guess. But I like my stories to have a long-term direction or something to say to make them stand out. Maybe it is because it is early yet and we are still setting up after the big return, perhaps. So I am hopeful we can get something unique in the near future for my favorite superhero.