The Big Hoax – Classic Hard Case Crime Out Now!
Titan Comics are delighted to be publishing The Big Hoax, a twisting, turning slice of dark, adult noir from Hard Case Crime
Told in luxurious color, this classic noir story slips into a deep mystery surrounding a young woman in a 20th Century Banana Republic …

Set in an unnamed country, a young woman’s virginity becomes the center of a disturbing mystery which escalates into a national scandal. The story unfolds between her relationship with the man hired to help her, and the danger they find themselves in when an enigmatic lizard-hitman called The Iguana will stop at nothing to conceal the truth.

Author: Carlos Trillo
Artist: Roberto Mandrafina
Publisher: Titan Comics
Hardcover, 128pp, $24.99, £19.99
On sale July 2020
ISBN: 9781787730502
The Big Hoax – Classic Hard Case Crime Out Now!
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