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Samwel Borg

Samwel Borg is a digital artist and he is also acquainted and can work with traditional mediums. From a very young age, he had always shown interest and talent in art, from drawing to literature to animation. Later in his teens, he turned to digital art and screen-writing, with the help of free software such as Blender and Sculptriss, which has gained a lot of popularity these days.

He spent a couple of years studying at the MCAST Institute of Creative Arts, from where he graduated in an Advanced Diploma in Art and Design. While studying at MCAST, he also had the wonderful opportunity to work at the Parliament of Malta as a Student Worker. The following summer he applied again to work as a student worker at the Parliament. There he worked on leaflets, web design and on a short animated graphic for a documentary. He has also claimed an A-level certificate in Art.

Samwel is about to begin reading in a B.A. in Fine Arts in Digital Arts at the University of Malta. He couldn’t be any happier with how things have turned out, despite all the rough years that he had to endure in the past.

Samwel is a massive Star Wars fan and serves on the Executive of 1-Up Club at the University of Malta as Media Officer, in charge of all promotional material, graphics and videos. His dream is to make movies.