Rogues HC review by Raphael Borg

Rogues HC

by Joshua Williamson (Author), Leomacs (Illustrator)

I love this book.

While the comics I am currently reading are a terrifyingly slow read, not only was this a breeze to read through, but one I truly enjoyed to read from start to finish.

Anyone who knows me well knows that the Flash’s rogues gallery (or simply, “The Rogues”) are among my favorite villains of all time.

Characters which are so well-developed yet so underrated that surely deserved their time to shine. And Joshua Williamson, already familiar with their mythos thanks to his run on “The Flash”, dealt the goods.

This is not a happy tale; it takes the Rogues for who they are – working class thieves that tolerate each other purely out of necessity yet look out for each other. Here are aging versions thereof, possibly the best they have ever been written, at their worst, at the edge of desperation being the bottom of the working class and now even denied to reform, wanting to go out on one last heist. The ultimate heist. Steal the treasury of Gorilla City. From none other than a gentrified, “post-colonial” version of Gorilla Grodd.

Imagine Trainspotting meets Money Heist meets Planet of the Apes.

And that doesn’t quite does it enough service. The only thing which I would criticise at a stretch would be the characterization of the Trickster, more akin to that of Axel Walker than James Jessie.

Other than that I can only say: look it up and read it.
Rogues HC review by Raphael Borg
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