Roderick Pace

Roderick Pace is a professional graphic designer by day and during his leisure time he is a digital artist and a cover illustrator.

Born and raised in Malta, his lifelong attraction to comics and movies has strongly influenced his work as an illustrator. His fondness to the iconic characters seen in so many blockbusters, is captured in his work depicting fantasy, sci-fi and horror. Occasionally illustrating concept art for landscapes and portraits.

Roderick used to work with pencil, ink and markers, but these couple of years has gone full-on on digital illustrations bringing a new dynamic perspective to his portfolio, focusing more on colouring and realistic effects giving life to each illustration.

A graduate of Art & Design specializing in Graphic Design, with an early achievement at School of Art obtaining a Diploma in Fine Arts. Art became an integral part of his life, mostly influenced by his everyday experience in design.

Roderick can be contacted at or his official Facebook



Roderick Pace