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Renee Rienties

Renee Rienties is an independent comic artist and illustrator from the Netherlands. Her journey into the world of comics began in 2016 with her small press book titled “My Daily Life Comics.”

She serves as both the editor and creator, as well as the artist for the anthology series including “Oyasumi” (2017), “Ripple” (2022), and “Figments of Passion” (2023).

Furthermore, she has lent her artistic talents to the popular children’s book series “Snelle Sam” which was written by Olav Mol and published from 2020 to 2022.

Currently, Renee is actively involved in working on the comic series “Camille” for the Belgium-based publisher “Standaard Uitgeverij.”
In addition to her portfolio, she has collaborated with various companies to create commercial and promotional artwork. Some of these collaborations include working with Ziggo Sport, Warner Studios, Wacom, Spinnin’ Records, among many others.