Renee Rienties

Renee Rienties is an independent comic artist from the Netherlands.

She made her start in the world of comics in 2016 with her smallpress book “My Daily Life Comics” which was received well by her readers online and at comic conventions.

In 2017 her art took a dark turn, from funny cute gag comics to creepy bloody horror. Here she worked on a story in “Oyasumi” A manga collaboration she started with two fellow artists. Where she drew her comic “Distortia”  Her creepy art will leave a chilling impression for you to remember.

In 2018 she worked on a chilling short story in the “Hollandsch Manga” anthology series made by various Dutch artists.

If mystery, thriller and horror are your thing, then you have something to look forward to. Right now Renee is working on a new chilling book that will come out end of 2019.

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Renee Rienties