PlanetConsoles has started back in 2017, where we started to collaborate with other local business around Malta. It’s originally started with gaming, (Video games, accessories and more). We kept on growing and making new clients and eventually, we started to hear different requests to increase our choice with more and different products.

We’ve seen that the interest in the famous pop culture hobby was something to consider and eventually, in 2020 we have started to import collectible items from different countries around Europe and non-European countries.

Our product line became not only that of gaming, but also collectible items such as figures, statues, funko pops and more other merchandising.

After 8 months of importing and selling from home, we started to received feedbacks and moreover, requests for a physical shop! And that’s it, in April 2021, we have announced our opening of a physical shop in Birkirkara, Malta.

Today we’re proud to say that we have a strong base of client, but we will always look forward and
be optimistic for new adventures and opportunities to meet new people and clients.