Noë “Vanoxymore” Monin

Noë “Vanoxymore” Monin is a French artist born at le Finistère . He obtained in 2005 a degree in fine arts at the University of Rennes II .

His innovative style is a crossroads between manga , the Franco-Belgian comics and American comics.  After participating in a competition for young talents, his work was published by Tonkam  in the publication Les Dragons. The first volume of his new series Venezzia , which takes place in a steampunk universe,  was released in November 2006 and was published by Carabas . It was previously published in the Coyote magazine . Meanwhile, he also worked on the script and drawing of a fantasy series called Yodji, in collaboration with his partner Linda-Laure Greff (Nini) on inking and dithering. The first volume came out in August 2008 and launched in the Yoma collection of Kami editions. In early 2009, he left the Carabas and Kami after a deep disagreement with the editorial responsible for the management of his two ongoing series.

In 2010, he worked for I Can Fly Limited and Jungle Kids for the adaptations of the comics of the animated series Baskup Tony Parker (broadcast on M6 from September 2011). The first volume, The 66’s Freaks , was issued in August 2011.

Meanwhile, in 2011 he became one of the many illustrators of online card game URBAN RIVALS under the pseudonym Vanoxymore .

The following year, he also joined FANTASY RIVALS , another online card game by BOOSTR Games, creators of Urban Rivals.

Since 2011, he draws on his blog the webcomic Hola Tavernier! , Co-written with Luc Venries and Yoann Courric.

In 2014, the three signed a contract for the publication with Casterman editions to adapt their universe. Becoming Les Lames Âpretagne three volumes are scheduled for 2016-2018.

Amongst the influences of Noë, one found Japanese authors such as Akira Toriyama or Hayao Miyazaki , American artists like Glen Keane or Bruce Timm and finally Régis Loisel or Juanjo Guarnido among his European colleagues.

Noë “Vanoxymore” Monin