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Matthew Agius

With a diverse background, I’ve journeyed through the realms of art, design, and programming during my studies in Malta. Now, as a proficient 3D animator, I’ve woven my passions into a rich tapestry of creativity. Beyond animation, I shine as a music producer, designer, and marketing virtuoso. Currently, I’m crafting an RPG mobile indie game, a canvas to showcase my work .

As an enthusiast of games and anime, my heart resonates with their worlds. I’m entranced by the fusion of 3D graphics and sound, igniting my desire to sculpt experiences that transcend reality. This propelled me to chart my own course, venturing into independent creation.

This juncture marks an incredible opportunity. At the convention, I anticipate not only to share my endeavors but to immerse attendees in a symphony of creativity and innovation. As a developer and artist, I’m primed to make an impact.