Marianne Scicluna Lauri


I’m Freakyfeline, a self-taught artist. I draw both digitally and on canvas. Digitally I mostly draw original characters and on canvas I experiment with Acrylics and Tempera paint. I also want to start painting with Oil paints as well.

Aside for being an artist I’m also a Twitch streamer.  During the Comicon 2022 event, I’m mostly going to be live streaming during the event with another twitch streamer named Kiccie.  I will be showcasing some of my art as well. Twitch is a platform that mainly for people who like to play video games while live streaming, as well as a platform for artists and musicians too.

I mainly like to play Legacy of Kain series, Stray, League of Legends, Stray and Fall guys. I also play with the viewers with games like Jackbox and words on stream. I am planning to play Words on stream and if you want to join the game when I’m at the comicon, all you need is a mobile and the Twitch app.

On my Twitch I also play music, paint on canvas or digitally and sometimes I do make-up (still I have a very long way though haha).

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Words on Stream:


Marianne Scicluna Lauri