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Luke Briffa

Luke Briffa also known as FantasyBoy or FanBoy, is a Maltese artist and illustrator born in 1999. Luke is an autistic artist who keeps his sketchbook and his iPad Pro on his side and enjoys drawing and doodling everywhere when he is with his friends, family, school and even on his own.

Luke Enjoys using traditional and digital media, with his art style changing every year as he learns new techniques over time. Things that inspire him the most are music, video games and cartoons. He is also inspired by weirdcore or dreamcore aesthetics, which include disturbing images, 80s and 90s aesthetics, as well as old classic technologies. Luke expresses himself mostly through humans, half-human animals and monster characters.

In the future, Luke wants to pursue a master’s degree, while continuing to improve with his studies and his dream of creating an illustrated book, as well as a graphic novel so that people can enjoy reading his stories.